A project with great future perspectives

Tourism Consortium, created in 2000, intervenes on regional tourism through a project with great future perspectives. It is an initiative that focuses on natural and cultural heritage, as well as the growing creation of new tourism infrastructure, with the aim of echoing the extraordinary diversity of the territory. The ultimate intention is to ensure that baixllobregatins and baixllobregatines, as well as visitors from all over the world, enjoy quality code, and that all this allows the region to be economically activated.

Now we can say that the Consortium definitely pushes the tourism sector away from the land of utopia.


A great opportunity to improve the quality of the region's tourism offer

Although so far our beaches had been the regional tourism banner, with the actions of the Tourism Consortium, the momentum that the new infrastructure will provide to the sector will be used to revive the tourism potential of the region, a variety of options that, often, have gone unnoticed

The Tourism Consortium means a great opportunity to improve the quality of the region's tourism offer, help people interested in promoting this activity and, ultimately, rediscover the Baix Llobregat, a lively and surprising region. It is worth more. of a visit

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