Festa dels Miquelets a Olesa de Montserrat


La Festa dels Miquelets is a celebration of historical recreation where, with rigor, different events occurred in Olesa de Montserrat during the War of the Succession (1705-1714) are staggered.

Summer of 1714. The siege of the Bourbon troops in the city of Barcelona is more fierce than ever. Inside the walls, hunger, fear and destruction have punished their inhabitants for more than a year. Poverty is extreme. But it seems that not everything is still lost ... In the town of Olesa de Montserrat, nearly 6,000 soldiers from the interior of the Principality of Catalonia are preparing to turn the story. The goal is clear: to break the siege. But they did not succeed.

To remember them and to pay homage to them, there are about 40 activities for children and adults, almost 70 people, more than 200 historical recreators and a total of 1,500 carts of powder transported by Montseny in 1714, in a single appointment in Catalonia declared of Local Interest.

La Festa dels Miquelets allows citizens to travel for more than 300 years, to events that, for many historians, may have changed the history of Catalonia.

Date of celebration: September.

Frequency: Annual.

More information: Cultural Association La Festa dels Miquelets.

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