Colònia Sedó Museum in Esparreguera


The Colònia Sedó was an old industrial colony dedicated to the manufacture of cotton tissues. It was placed in the municipal area of Esparreguera and strolling about it lets the visitor grasp the social life and the production process of an industrial colony at the beginning of the 20th century. The Colònia Sedó, however, distinguishes from other cotton colonies for its important dimensions and for the use of a hydraulic system that used the energy of the water to the utmost. The turbine, of 1.400 CV, was the biggest constructed in Spain and gave the necessary energy to the sections of spinning and weaving of the factory. Carried out totally of filtered iron, its dimensions were proportional at the flow and at the force of the jump of the water. Today, in the room of the turbine a scale model of the colony|cologne that explains its|his|her|their history|story through an assembly of light and sound can be seen. Moreover, in the tube|pipe of driving|pipeline of the water of the turbine one audiovisual threedimensional is projected. The visit is completed with an explanation of the energetic system that includes the visit to the basement of the first turbine.

Correu electrònic
93 666 35 27 / 93 777 52 21

General rate: 5 € / Reduced ticket: 3 € / Guided tour: 1 € (separate ticket)

* Consult reduced rates on the Museum's website.


C. Contínues, s/n. Área Industrial Can Sedó
08292 Esparreguera Barcelona


General ticket: 5 € / Reduced ticket: 3 €

* Consult reduced tickets on the Museum's website.

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